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Angular Proxy.Conf.Json not working against multiple apis

I have the following proxy.conf.json, log lines, and api calls. { "/first/api/": { "target": "/first/api/", "secure": false, "logLevel": "debug" }, "/second/api/": { "target": "/second/api/", "secure": false, "logLevel": "debug" } [HPM] GET /first/api/values-> /first/api/ [HPM] GET /second/api/dummy -> /se

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Angular 2 lazily loaded routes that contain aux router outlet

I'm having an issue with my routing that I'd need a little help with. Originally I had all my routing in a single app.routing.ts file. I'm currently refactoring my routes into a files to accompany their corresponding feature modules to be lazily loaded. One lazily loaded feature module utilizes a secondary aux router outlet. Here is my code....

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Textbox on changes directive

What is the equivalent for jQuery change event on every input in Angular2? Example: $("input").on('change', function() { console.log("*"); }); Solution You can handle it using Directive as said by Igor as below create a directive using import { Directive, HostListener, Renderer, ElementRef } from '@angular/core'; @Directive({ selecto

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how can I get and post an action using angular 2 in MVC

I am new to Angular 2 and would like to know how to use it in a mvc project when calling get and post actions: Let say I have an EmployeeController with 2 actions: 1) GetEmployee: which list employee info 2) UpdateEmployee: which update the employee info Without using Angular 2, we can easily use views to deal with it. However, if I want to use

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Observable Undefined

I'm trying to extract the values from an observable, my subscription (component) code is as followed: this.checkoutService.getDisabledDate().subscribe (dates=>{this.formattedDate=dates}, (error:any)=>{console.log(error)}); In the 'dates' callback a console.log of this.formattedDate prints the correct values. However trying to access this.

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MdDatepickerModule - European format

I use MdDatePickerModule to pick dates but I have a problem: If I select August 5, everything is ok. But if I reopen the selection the month changes and becomes May, if I select May 3, I close, re-open, the month is March. Now I know that the problem is that in America the month and the day are inverted compared to Europe, but what is the "smart"

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