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Visualizing distance between nodes according to weights - with R

I'm trying to draw a graph where the distance between vertices correspond to the edge weights* and I've founde that in graphviz there is a way to draw such graph. Is there a way to do this in R with the igraph package (specfically with graph.adkacency)? Thanks, Noam (as once have been asked: draw a graph where the distance between vertices corr

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Calculate distance between two vectors of different length

There are different methods to calculate distance between two vectors of the same length: Euclidean, Manhattan, Hamming ... I'm wondering about any method that would calculate distance between vectors of different length. Solution The Euclidean distance formula finds the distance between any two points in Euclidean space. A point in Euclidean sp

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Mahalanobis distance in R

I have found the mahalanobis.dist function in package StatMatch ( but it isn't doing exactly what I want. It seems to be calculating the mahalanobis distance from each observation in data.y to each observation in data.x I would like to calculate the mahalanobis distance of one observa

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Using Dispose() method

Why I see "Hello" words many times when I add timer.Dispose() to my code in release mode. Without timer.Dispose() I see "Hello" once. Thanks. using System.Threading; namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { static void Method(object state) { Console.WriteLine(state); GC.Collect();

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Is Close() same as Using statement

Is Close() same as Dispose() or using statement. Is it necessary to call using statement even if Close is called?. I know before disposing of an object, close should be called, so we close the resource and may it available to Dispose. says Close is same as Dispose. Solution Close(

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