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Device not applicable for the "main.dart" configuration ,

I use Android Studio as my IDE in coding Flutter. I was able to create 2 projects before this and it worked absolutely fine. I had to clone a repo from Github. The IDE said to get config. I did that then this happened. I already installed sdk . My android devices android version is 7.0 Flutter Doctor result: [√] Flutter (Channel stable, v1.12.13

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Revert Back Android Studio 2.0 preview to Studio 1.5

Recently I had updated my Android Studio 1.5 to Android Studio 2.0 Preview. Currently I'm facing lot of difficulties in Android Studio2.0 preview with regard to performance and debugging. So I want to go back to Android Studio 1.5 from Android Studio 2.0 preview. I had changed the channel to stable channel and tried to update my studio. It shows "

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Should I get into Android Studio or should i stick to Eclipse?

I started programming a few months ago, and learned python and I started learning Java about a month ago. I've been using sublime text for coding Java programs, and now as I am getting into Android Programming, I found two official IDEs --> Eclipse and Android Studio. After two hours of research, I've learned a few things: Android studio is an ea

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Android SDK not being installed on Android Studio

Based on my last question - I downloaded Android Studio (without the SDK) from this link (https://dl.google.com/dl/android/studio/install/ Then I downloaded the Android SDK from this link (https://dl.google.com/android/repository/tools_r25.2.3-windows.zip). I extracted the Android SDK to

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One Android project for Eclipse and Android Studio

As we all know Android Studio is official IDE for development of Android applications but still many developers are using Eclipse. I am facing such issue because some of our developers are using Eclipse and some are Android Studio. In Such situation can we make one android project compatible on Eclipse and Android Studio by making changes in fold

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Cannot inherit from final class

I install Android studio 0.4.2 at Windows 7 x64. Try create simple project from studio, but i get an error: Cannot inherit from final class I try both studio64.exe and studio.exe. I try both jdk 1.7 u45 x86 and jdk 1.7 u51 x64 gradle 1.9 from repo. In my virtual machine XPx32 with all this files a-studio work perfectly (I just copy android-

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Android SDK location should not contain whitespace, as this cause problems with NDK tools

Recently I have installed the last version of Android Studio (Android Studio 2.1), keeping the old 1.2 version previously installed. Now i have Android Studio 2.1 and Android Studio 1.2. In Android Studio 1.2 when I click on SDK Manager it works properly, but in Andorid Studio 2.1 this problem appears: how can I fix keeping the two versions of An

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