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guys a stupid question..... what does API stands 4????? plz reply asap thanks Solution Application Program(ming) Interface. A great source for this kind of questions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Applica...ming_interface I hope this helps, Cor<mo*******@gmail.com> schrieb: what does API stands 4????? "Application Programming Interfa

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Web API creating API keys

I m interested in creating API keys for web.api and allowing clients to communicate with API using the API keys rather than authorization web.api provides. I want multiple clients to be able to communicate with the web.api. instead of creating username and password, can i use an api key, and allow clients to communicate with client. is there suc

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Streaming API vs Rest API?

The canonical example here is Twitter's API. I understand conceptually how the REST API works, essentially its just a query to their server for your particular request in which you then receive a response (JSON, XML, etc), great. However I'm not exactly sure how a streaming API works behind the scenes. I understand how to consume it. For exampl

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Telegram API vs Bot API

Can you help me understand the differences for Telegram API vs Bot API please, I tried telegram website but just get confused? Thanks Ramin Solution Telegram APIs This API allows you to build your own customized Telegram clients. It is 100% open for all developers who wish to create Telegram applications on our platform. Feel free to study the o

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Websocket API to replace REST API?

I have an application whose primary function works in real time, through websockets or long polling. However, most of the site is written in a RESTful fashion, which is nice for application s and other clients in the future. However, I'm thinking about transitioning to a websocket API for all site functions, away from REST. That would make it easi

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API Gateway new (beta) http api

I have created a sample HTTP API (which is currently in a beta release) using the API gateway. This API does not use any authentication and has a lambda as an integration. The route accepts any HTTP method and I have confirmed that the lambda has the proper API gateway permission. This permission was added when I created the API. However, when I

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Passing api keys to rest api

Am working with phil sturgeon REST_Controller for codeigniter to create a REST api, so far i've been able to create a simple library for generating api keys for the users. My problem is now sending the api key to the API for each request, how i do this without having to manually send it for every request. Solution You should look into request sign

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Google Maps API v3 api key

i am writing a cordova app, where i am using Google Maps API V3. Since this is going to run locally in a web view for each user, i assume that i need to create an api key for google maps api. I created a new browser key last night, and i put in the referrers all possible urls: ** localhost localhost:7000 but everytime i use it, i get a

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API design

I''m writing a library (to communicate with a number of devices over a serial port) and have some questions about the design. I have now a header and source file like this: /* device.h */ typedef struct device device; int device_open (device **dev, const char *name); int device_close (device *dev); int device_read (device *dev, void *data, unsign

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