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Can one get output from multiple (copy/copyIndex) ARM child Templates?

I have a parent template that takes an array (websites) and invokes a childTemplate (website) multiple times using the copyIndex() method to loop through values in the array passed as a parameter. Each of the child templates returns -- in its outputs -- the MSI principalId, as well as outgoingIPAddresses. Is there a way one can assemble the retur

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Azure ARM templates - Linked templates with VSTS Git

I have a have a main ARM template that refers to couple of linked ARM templates. Each of the ARM templates are hosted in their own private VSTS Git repo. When deploying the main template the ARM engine will need to authenticate to the private VSTS git repo. I have seen examples of how this can be achieved when the content is stored in github. Is it

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Azure ARM Template Unit Test

How to test Azure ARM Templates and validate them whether these are written correctly or not from local VM. I have tried it from Power Shell but it just validate only. I want to Unit Test the ARM templates Solution You can do unit test the ARM Templates with PESTER. If you are unfamiliar with pester, you can refer to this document. Example ARM Te

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Hoe to validate ARM template by passing credentials

My ARM template is running fine. I need to authenticate my ARM template by passing credentials. When I have gone through logs I can see below entries [debug]00000-000000-00000-00000-000000000 auth param serviceprincipalid = ******** [debug]00000-000000-00000-00000-000000000 auth param serviceprincipalkey = ******** What is this Service Pri

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How to apply a NSG to an existing subnet using ARM Template

I am creating new NSG with ARM template and updating the subnets at the same ARM template. I would like to be able to get subnets addressprefix with "reference" but when doing so I always get the circular dependency detected. Is there any way around it? My subnet arm template section looks like this: { "name": "[parameters('subnetNam

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