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Storing arrays within arrays

In Excel VBA, is there a way to store an array within another array? For instance, if I created a 1-dimensional array called "World" and 2-dimensional arrays with various names, would it be possible to store each 2D array into each item of "World" (however long the array "World" may be)? If so, how could I do this, and how would I refer to the item

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Hi, I''m currently writing a C program for an assignment. "Create a C program to manage 10 bank accounts... " To include; "An appropriate type definition to store the name, account number and balance of a bank account An array to record the details of the 10 bank accounts Functions/procedures to update/interrogate the bank ac

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looping through arrays of arrays

I have an arrays of arrays (some thing like graph), How to iterate all arrays? var parentArray = [ [[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[7,8,9]], [[10,11,12],[13,14,15],[16,17,18]], [[19,20,21],[22,23,24],[26,27,28]] ]; Its just an example array, actual can contains any number of array and then arrays. How to print all those numbers? Its similar to html objects

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Find inner arrays in nested arrays

I have a nested array in PHP: array ( '0' => " 5x", '1' => array ( '0' => " ", '1' => "(", '2' => " 3", '3' => array ( '0' => " ", '1' => "(", '2' => array ( // I want to find this one. '0' => " ", '1' => "(",

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PHP foreach() with arrays within arrays?

I want to call a function on each element in an array. This is obviously very easy with a foreach(), but where I start breaking down is when arrays contain arrays. Can someone help me out with a function that will execute some code for every key -> value pair from a set of arrays within arrays. The depth could, in theory, be infinite, but a good li

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How do I export an array with module.exports in node js?

I have a project using node.js. It's my first time using nodejs and I want to export an array to my app. Here is some code: module.exports = { var arrays = []; arrays[0] = 'array 0'; arrays[1] = 'array 1'; arrays[2] = 'array 2'; arrays[3] = 'array 3'; arrays[4] = 'array 4'; var r_array = arrays[Math.floor(Math.random()

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decrementing arrays

I don''t know if I''ll need pointers for this or not. I wants numbers 10^16. Like a credit card 16 digits of possible 10 numbers, so I guess that would be 10^16. So I have int num [16][10]; These are of course declared and not initialized. Now I want to initialize them all with ''\0''. That I''m guessing would involve while ( --). Or maybe for. W

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Multidimensional Arrays

im trying to populate a UITable with XML, i already have the xml parsed and stored in an array ex. array [item0, item1, item2, item3, item4, item5, item6, item7] i need help trying to convert the array into an array that has 2 columns ex array [[item0, item1], [item2, item3], [item4, item5], [item6, item7]] any help would be greatly appreci

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