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SBT not passing credentials when publishing to Artifactory

I am coding a Java project and I'm automating the build and the publishing to JFrog Artifactory using SBT. Whenever it's time to publish to Artifactory I want to do it using the Ivy directory layout and obviously publish the Ivy XML file along with the jar. I managed to achieve this by using the following lines in the build.sbt file: crossPaths

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Context URL cannot be empty - Artifactory Gradle Plugin

I'm trying to get to the Artifactory Gradle plugin working to publish to my local Artifactory instance. I have the latest version (default install) running at localhost:8081/artifactory. I can verify this with access via a webbrowser. However, with my bare minimum example .. I am getting a "Context URL cannot be found error Note that I have spe

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Can SBT publish to JFrog artifactory

My organization uses JFROG artifactory for distribution of all jars. So far I have always used SBT for my Scala development. But now when i am searching for ways to publish jars built by SBT into JFROG artifactory, I only find this plugin on github which is in "alpha" state https://github.com/JFrogDev/artifactory-sbt-plugin I want to know if thi

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NPM Install not working with artifactory around proxy

So basically I am trying to download packages from https://registry.npmjs.org/ using npm install, but I am under a proxy. I have set-up a remote repository that will hit (above link) and cache using artifactory, so that I can pull locally, but it does not seem to work. Followed these directions: http://www.jfrog.com/confluence/display/RTF/Npm Rep

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How to put any file in artifactory using python?

I have a requirement where any file should be put in the artifact using python language. I tried to search all over internet but I couldn't find any help. Please share code snippet or something which can help me to achieve this. Any help is greatly appreciated here. Solution Artifactory python module can be used to upload artifacts into artifact

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Getting both Maven and SBT use local Artifactory-server

I need to get both Maven and SBT to use local Artifactory-server which is only machine that has Internet connection. Servers, CI-machine, etc don't have access to outside world. I'm getting grey hair with SBT especially. SBT Problems connecting to Artifactory With 0.11.[0..3] I can SBT to access Artifactory via following: Unzip sbt-launcher.j

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Gradle Artifactory plugin error

My gradle version is 2.2.1. I am trying to use the artifactory plugin in gradle (apply plugin: 'artifactory') This is my code: buildscript { repositories { maven { url '' } } dependencies { classpath(group: 'org.jfrog.buildinfo', name: 'build-info-ext

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Deploying project JAR to artifactory programmatically

Deploy programatically created KIE-Drools-Artifact to Maven repository has come closest to what I'm trying to do. I have artifactory set up as a remote repository for a project, and what I want to do is deploy snapshot releases to the libs-shapshot-local repository from one project so that they can be accessed via others. As for my code, I'm wo

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Connect one Artifactory to another Artifactory

Our setup includes a company wide Artifactory that holds in-house-built artifacts as well as goes out and fetches publicly available artifacts. I’m trying to setup a local Artifactory at our location that would fetch publicly available artifacts through the regular internet, but would connect to the company wide Artifactory for our in-house-built a

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artifactory as docker registry

I tried to set up artifactory as docker registry as shown in this video: http://www.jfrog.com/video/artifactory-docker-integration/ However, I don't have SSL installed in artifactory so I'm using the --insecure-registry flag. (as shown in error in docker build publish plugin and Remote access to a private docker-registry) Anyway, I don't know

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