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It's ASP.NET, not ASP!

<tongue in="cheek"> <p> I''ve kept quiet about this for the past few weeks, but I just can''t keep silent any more. </p> <p> There are too many people in this newsgroup who use the term "ASP" to refer to "ASP.NET". In the future, would you please try harder to use the correct terminology: </p

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Is ASP.NET MVC destined to replace Webforms?

I found these questions, but a couple of them were a little old: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/191556/should-i-pursue-asp-net-webforms-or-asp-net-mvc http://stackoverflow.com/questions/88787/do-you-think-asp-net-mvc-will-compete-with-asp-net-webforms http://stackoverflow.com/questions/722637/asp-net-mvc-asp-net-webforms-why I do not believe

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Tracking Ip address and country name(asp.net)?

Yesterday i saw a site in which, site is listing the ip address and country name, saying that recently visited members (a list of ip address with country name,city name). Can i know how can i track that information any reference or any code. Thank You. Solution Pls check these questions http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1287711/detect-estimate-c

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Accessing intrinsic ASP (not ASP.NET) objects from .NET class

Hi, Is it possible to access intrinsic ASP objects, such as Request, from a .NET class. Say, I have a .NET library exposed via a COM or COM wrapper. Can this library retrieve the request info (basically, server variables exposed via the Request object), when it is invoked from a traditional ASP (not ASP.NET) application? Any ideas? Thanks in adva

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Earlier today I asked wether it would be a good idea to develop websites using C#. Most of the answers pointed towards .NET and ASP. Currently I develop with PHP. I've dabbled with Python and RoR but I always come back to PHP. This is the first time I've looked at .NET and ASP. A bucket load of Google searches later I'm not really seeing much suppo

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Classic ASP & ASP.Net Authentication

I have two separate apps (one is classic asp, the other is asp.net) which, from the point of view of the user, should appear seamlessly as one "application". As others have pointed out, the two apps can't share session information, so I am planning to use windows authentication along these lines:- In the ASP world: Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_U

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What are the features and advantages of Asp.net MVC?

What are the features and advantages of Asp.net MVC? Please help with details. Solution Here are some other threads that discuss this issue Should I migrate to ASP.NET MVC? ASP.NET MVC > ASP.NET WebForms, Why? What’s your choice for your next Asp.Net project: WebForms or MVC? Why to move to Asp.NET MVC - why not to move

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Accessing a .NET Assembly from classic ASP

I have been trying to access a .NET Assembly that I have created in classic ASP using dim foo set foo = Server.CreateObject("TestAssembly.MyClass") The problem is I'm getting an error: Server object error 'ASP 0177 : 800401f3' Server.CreateObject Failed /test.asp, line 4 Invalid class string I have registered the assembly (TestAssembly.dll

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