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ASP.NET Identity and IdentityServer connection

Can somebody explain the connection between Identity and IdentityServer? There was a recent article that says there will be a new version of IdentityServer (ie IdentityServer 4). I'm doing a ASP.NET 5 project. I only heard of Identity 3 before and I'm planning to use it. Can I use Identity 3 in my project without using this IdentityServer? So

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Why does Windows/Integrated Authentication in IIS not pass user credentials to SSRS and SQL?

Issue: In ASP.NET 4.0, I use my SSRS 2005 server's ReportService2005.asmx web service to get a list of reports. Also in .NET, I use Entity Framework to communicate with my MS-SQL 2005 database. When I use Visual Studio Development Server as my web server, calls to SSRS and SQL work fine. But when I switch to IIS 5.1, both SSRS and Entity code produ

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using aspnet identity with custom tables

I am working on asp.net MVC core application. I have custom database with users and roles tables. I want to use asp.net identity with custom tables so that I don't have to use aspnetusers, aspnet roles tables. How to do it with asp.net identity and asp.net core Solution Good luck with that! :) I have just gone through that process last few days. I

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Is Asp.net identity hashing Secured?

I have referred the following sites for the Rijndael and Asp.net hashing implementations in the following url. Rijndael - How to generate Rijndael KEY and IV using a passphrase? Asp.net hashing - ASP.NET Identity default Password Hasher, how does it work and is it secure? In both the implementation, The following is used to get the random byte

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app.UseOAuthBearerTokens with ASP.NET Identity 2.0's DbContext middleware?

Edit: After progressing, I can narrow the scope of the question: What changes should be made to startup.auth.cs and ApplicationOAuthProvider.cs in the VS2013 SPA template (using ASP.NET identity 1.0) in order to migrate it to use ASP.NET identity 2.0? Edit 2: I've simplified this question even further. How can one use app.UseOAuthBearerTokens wit

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How does the "ASP.Net Identity" compare with "Windows Identity Foundation"?

I found this nice article that shows the evolution of the ASP.Net identity frameworks: http://www.asp.net/identity/overview/getting-started/introduction-to-aspnet-identity However, I'm interested in how the Windows Identity Framework (WIF) fits into the picture with the new ASP.Net Identity Framework. Are they yet another set of competing Microso

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