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Why call ASP.NET WebAPI package libraries with version 5.1.0 as ASP.NET WebAPI 2.1?

I want to get started with ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI that was released in Jan 2014. ASP.NET MVC 5.1, ASP.NET Web API 2.1 and ASP.NET Web Pages 3.1 (Ref: NuGet) I created a new ASP.NET Web application (.NET 4.5.1) > "Empty template" > "Web API" checked > "No Authentication" Under the NuGet packages folder I checked the version of libraries reference

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ASP.NET Web API - Routing

I am using Web API to expose a bunch of services. I am having issue with some routes and need some help. I have the default route defined: config.Routes.MapHttpRoute( name: "DefaultApi", routeTemplate: "api/{controller}/{id}", defaults: new {id = RouteParameter.Optional} ); With this route I can

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ASP.NET Web API Authentication

I am looking to authenticate a user from a client application while using the ASP.NET Web API. I have watched all the videos on the site and also read this forum post. Putting the [Authorize] attribute correctly returns a 401 Unauthorized status. However, I need to know how to allow a user to log in to the API. I want to provide user credentials

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Authenticating ASP.NET Web API

I've created a new ASP.NET Web API and things are working well. I'm at the point now where I want to secure the API. I put the [Authorize] attribute above my base controller and it's working properly if I want to make API calls within the ASP.NET application itself. However, I'm wondering, what's the best practice for an external client that wan

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asp.net Web Forms and Web API

I need to build a web service to handle HTTP Form posts (CRUD) using .Net Web API Although I am aware that the API can be run under WebForms I have heard that type of thing before (see 'Dynamic Data') and then in the reality encountered the need for functional work-arounds, limitations etc. Has anyone used Web API for CRUD under Web Forms? Any i

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ASP.NET Web Api in Web forms

i´m trying to use the asp.net web api in WEB FORMS with visual studio 2010 (sp1) i have done this steps http://myrandomykien.blogspot.com/2012/02/simplest-web-api-site-with-nuget.html When i use the visual studio development server it works, but when i´m using iis 7.5 i get an Error HTTP 404.0 - Not Found. Edit This is my Global-asax protected

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Service to connect to SQL Server with Android

I'm creating my first android app. My app works in the following way: User log into the app. The login details is on an online server which is SQL Server 2008 R2 The server will return data to the app and the data the data will be stored on the app's database. The problem I am facing is how should i connect to Sql server database. I researched

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