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Preloading Assemblies

At work we use DevExpress for the user interface. The first time a form employing a DevExpress control is opened there's a long pause (sometimes 15-20 sec on some clients). In Visual Studio i can see that tons of assemblies are being loaded during that phase. Is there a way to preload that assemblies into the AppDomain in the background on a thread

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Loading Assemblies

There are plenty of discussing that shows how to load assemblies from BIN and from GAC... my question is more general and I would love to know how assembly loading work. As for example in the BIN folder we can have A.dll A.dll.config A.dll.config file can look like: <?xml version="1.0"?> <configuration> <startup> <

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Does .NET assembly size affect performance?

Does the size of a .net assembly affect performance at all? How about the number of assemblies in your windows forms/web forms project? Solution From Microsoft's Patterns & Practices Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability Chapter 5: Prefer Single Large Assemblies Rather Than Multiple Smaller Assemblies To help reduce your

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Should interop assemblies be signed?

We have a set of COM components developed in VC . When a reference to such component is added to a .NET project Visual Studio generates an interop assembly. We have a set of such assemblies now. While running our daily build we sign all the produced binaries with a digital signature. Interop assemblies are not signed since we don't feel we are th

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C#: why sign an assembly?

In some C# code I have taken over (in Visual Studio 2005), I have noticed that the assemblies are all signed with the same .snk file. Why would the previous author have signed the assemblies in this way? Is signing assemblies necessary and what would be wrong with not signing? What disadvantages are there in signing assemblies - does

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How can I resolve all references with Roslyn's OpenSolutionAsync?

I'm trying to open RoslynLight.sln with OpenSolutionAsync then iterate through all the projects. For my purposes I need a semantic model and resolved references. Through a combination of this issue and this question, I've arrived at this partial solution: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using

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Embedding assemblies inside another assembly

If you create a class library that uses things from other assemblies, is it possible to embed those other assemblies inside the class library as some kind of resource? I.e. instead of having MyAssembly.dll, SomeAssembly1.dll and SomeAssembly2.dll sitting on the file system, those other two files get bundled in to MyAssembly.dll and are usable in i

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C# Namespaces and Assemblies Best Practice

C#: are there any guidelines, best practices when it comes to dividing a solution up into name-spaces and assemblies? Should name spaces normally be nested, with the most low level and fundamental classes in the top level name space? Should there generally be one name-space to one assembly? Are their any pitfalls to having multiple assemblies in on

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