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HTTP authentication using PHP authentication

I'm making a members area for my site and I have it already running. I authenticate members using mysql and php and this works really well. But now problems occurs, I would like to offer members a possibility to upload files to the systems, and those files should be available ONLY to logged in members. I know I could store those files to a databa

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does urllib2 support preemptive authentication authentication?

I am trying access a REST API. I can get it working in Curl/REST Client (the UI tool), with preemptive authentication enabled. But, using urllib2, it doesn't seem to support this by default and I can't find a way to turn it on. Thanks :) Solution Here's a simple Preemptive HTTP basic auth handler, based on the code from urllib2.HTTPBasicAuthHan

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Mixing Windows Authentication with Forms Authentication

Consider a site used for an intranet which should also be accessible from the internet. On the intranet you want to use Windows Authentication and on the internet you want the users to access the site using forms authentication. Is it possible to set up a mixed-mode with these two? I just want to validate that the user is logged in with either of

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Combining Forms Authentication and Basic Authentication

I have some core ASP code that I want to expose both by secure web pages (using Forms Authentication) and via web services (using Basic Authentication). The solution that I've come up with seems to work, but am I missing anything here? First, the whole site runs under HTTPS. Site is set to use Forms authentication in web.config <authenticati

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Using Windows Authentication and Forms authentication on same site

Can anyone tell me if its possible to use both windows and forms authentication on my site without the 2 interfering with each other. Basically, I have a new site that I want only certain people to see for approval purposes. Therefore to stop any unauthenticated users from seeing ANY pages of the site I was using Windows authentication. However,

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Configure ASP.NET MVC for authentication against AD

What are the high level steps to authenticate users of an ASP.NET MVC application against Active Directory? I presume something like: Modify web.config to use Windows authentication Configure web.config to use the ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider Configure the web.config to use a custom RoleProvider that looks in AD Does the above look sensib

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No bean named authenticationManager

Possible Duplicate: Getting error org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named ‘springSecurityFilterChain’ is defined In my Spring Application, I keep getting this error: No bean named 'org.springframework.security.authenticationManager' is defined: Did you forget to add a gobal <authentication-manag

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