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How do you write your QTP Tests?

I am experimenting with using QTP for some webapp ui automation testing and I was wondering how people usually write their QTP tests. Do you use the object map, descriptive programming, a combination or some other way all together? Any little code example would be appreciated, Thank you Solution Here's my suggestion. 1) Build your test automatio

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Hello, I have two versions of Access installed on my machine, XP and 2003. I am trying to automate the process of creating an ADE for distribution to end users running a mix of XP and 2003. I do all my development work in 2003 but create final ADE''s using XP. I''d like to create a small app in 2003 that opens a second app (an ADP in XP via auto

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Upload a file to Nodejs using python request

I got some help here on the nodejs side: Extract file from POST request nodejs I am new to node, and I am having problems getting this file node.js (Server PC) var express = require('express'); var bodyParser = require('body-parser'); var multer = require('multer') var app = express(); var upload = multer({ dest: 'uploads/' }) app.use(bodyParse

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VBScript "Type Mismatch" issue with "[in, out] BSTR * " parameter

I'm working with third-party COM object that has some of its methods passing values back as BSTR pointer. Since VBscript supports only Variant type attempts to use in a way like Object.Method(sMyString) reasonably end with "Type mismatch" error. I suspect this error is generated by the COM object itself rather then VBscript interpreter since the

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Windows GUI Automation

I am planning to automate some of the functionality of the GUI developed in Microsoft Visual C#. I am new to Automation with GUI. Would be glad if you share your experience regarding GUI Automation and some of the tools available for the automation. I plan to develop some programms / scripts in order to realise some of the functionality of the G

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Unable to hide "Chrome is being controlled by automated software" infobar within Chrome v76

After updating Chrome to version 76, I cannot figure out how to hide the "Chrome is being controlled by automated software..." notification overriding some controls on the page. The latest stable release of ChromeDriver is indeed 76.0.3809.68. The following code worked with Chrome 75 and ChromeDriver 74. var options = new ChromeOptions(); options

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Automation add-in vs. COM add-in

I am a newbie with add-in programming and need help with the following scenario: I have an C# Excel automation add-in that calls a few UDFs. I want to do a user name and password check during when the automation add-in loads for which a screen where the user can enter his details must pop up on load of the add-in. How can it be done using an autom

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What's a good, if any, .NET Windows automation library?

I'm looking for a library that can be used in native .NET code, just like any .NET assembly. The purpose of the library must be to automate Windows (push a button, select a window, send keys, record & playback, that sort of thing). So: the library is supposed to be used natively in .NET, but the automation itself must be able to target any nat

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