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Azure AD B2B Import in new portal

I'm just looking for a yes or no answer here, and I can't seem to find anything online... Can I upload B2B users into Azure AD using the new portal (i.e. The resource manager approach - portal.azure.com), or do I have to continue using the classic portal (manage.windowsazure.com)? https://github.com/Azure/azure-content/blob/master/articles/active

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Pass parameter to Identity Provider on Azure Ad B2C

I am using Azure AD B2C as an authentication portal. I am trying to guarantee that the Google always goes to select account page, by sending the query parameter prompt=select_account. But I am having an hard time reaching this behavior. From google documentation, https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/OpenIDConnect, it's possible to rec

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Azure AD authentication without app registration

I want to access Azure Directories and Subscriptions using my web app hosted on my server but i do not want to register my app in active directory because i do not have permissions to register my app in active directory I want to authenticate users from out of my active directory too. for example following sites let you authenticate any Azure

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Custom URL for Azure AD B2C signup and signin pages

I'm working on integrating Azure Active directory B2C for sign-up and sign-in process. By default, when a user clicks the login button, it has to redirect the user to a different domain (microsoftonline.com) such that the URL for sign-up and sign-in page is in the following format: https://login.microsoftonline.com/te/tenant-name.onmicrosoft.com/

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How can we show Azure AD security questions?

I have used Azure AD B2C sign-in and sign-up policy for user login and signup process with Multi factor Authentication. Also set password resetting policy. Everything is working fine with Phone factor (MFA). Now client wants to add security questions while signing up a user and password resetting. I have enabled security question and selected 5

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Azure Active Directory: Add Service Principal to Directory Readers Role with PowerShell

The command (Get-AzureRmADUser -Mail $user).Id in a Azure PowerShell Task returned null when running on a self-hosted agent in VSTS The problem was that the Service Principal needs to have the permission to read from the Active Directory How can I give the the Service Principal the correct permissions to read from the Azure Active Directory? So

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