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Does Microsoft Graph API support change notifications with Azure AD B2C?

I'm trying to get change notifications for users to work with my application connected to Azure AD B2C. I followed the following tutorial and the subscription is created successfully but I never get any change notification: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/modules/msgraph-changenotifications-trackchanges/1-introduction After a bit of research

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Creating test users for Azure AD B2C

Is there a way to programmatically create users for testing with Azure AD B2C? The only way to create users that I am aware of is through website signup. Am I missing something? Solution Yes, Azure AD B2C Graph API allows CRUD operations on users. You can create a user by sending a "POST" request to the /users endpoint. The following documenta

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Azure AD B2C Token Issue

As an enterprise, we would like to use Azure AD B2C and we have internal and external users. Azure AD helps us manage our Azure users, corporate users and we can even add users with x@.onmicrosoft.com emails. When we wanted to use Azure AD B2C for our consumers. So we have 2 choices to add our users which is a local user and an external user (Fac

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