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Implementing table joins in the Mobile Apps Node.js backend using SQL

Since Azure Mobile Apps does not provide a way to create relationships between tables I decided to create a custom API in my Node.js backend to return data from related tables. The idea was to implement the joins in the backend using SQL, like explained at the Mobile Services Doc. The problem is that I'm using the new Mobile Apps and not the old M

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With Azure App Service Easy Auth Azure AD B2C is it possible to secure a single Web API and have multiple native apps consume it?

We have a Web API intended to serve multiple business partners, each of which will be customizing a white label version of our native app client. We also have a Web API offering common functions to different apps. We would like to use AD B2C as the identity and auth system, but cannot see how or if it is possible to use AD B2C to secure a common

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Get username linked to Azure AD bearer token

I'm running a Cordova app which connects to a Web API hosted on Azure. I've got the API secured using Azure AD bearer authentication. When the user tries to call one of the endpoints, he's forwarded to the Azure AD sign-in page, enters his credentials and then is given the token. The token is added to all subsequent requests to the API. I'm using t

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Azure API Management vs Logic Apps

New to Azure and would like to know what the difference between Azure API Management and Logic Apps is. Some pros and cons would be nice. Also what the costing for each of these is like. Thanks Solution Seems you want to know about Azure API Management and Azure Logic Apps Well let me help you what that actually are... Azure API Management A

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