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Static IP address in Azure API management Service

I have done some googling but couldn't get a confirmed answer for this: Does Azure API management service provides a Static IP address? If not, how do i configure it? Reason i am asking is because my on-premise server only accepts request from whitelisted IP address and therefore we need a static ip address from request coming from Azure API mana

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Secure azure App Service using AD framework 4.5

i have a question about securing access to azure App Services, i have two App services, App service 1 and App service 2, my App service 1 is basically call my App service 2 , my App service 2 should be secured and allow access only from App Service 1 , i did used Ip Adress restrictions but my client said that its not enough so my question what can

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How to find an Azure instance role size programmatically?

Is there an API in azure to find the properties of a role (and an instance role)? I'm looking for the instance size, and it is not available in the Azure Management API. Solution VM size isn't exposed in the API, as you've already found out. As suggested by Neil Mackenzie here, you can call Environment.ProcessorCount from your Azure application, w

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Azure API Management vs Logic Apps

New to Azure and would like to know what the difference between Azure API Management and Logic Apps is. Some pros and cons would be nice. Also what the costing for each of these is like. Thanks Solution Seems you want to know about Azure API Management and Azure Logic Apps Well let me help you what that actually are... Azure API Management A

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Azure API Management: Oauth2 with backend API

I have a backend API I want to proxy by using Azure API Management. This backend API requires me to provide a Bearer Oauth2 token. I want to use Azure APIM to handle the Oauth2 flows for me, and I want to expose a very simple API that will be consumed by client apps. I want to avoid my client App to use Oauth2. How can I handle it with APIM? I foun

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Using management certificate with azure REST API

I'm using azure service management REST API in my application. I uploaded the management certificate on azure and have a copy in local. I keep the certification in a separate folder (AzureCertificate) in the application itself and referring to that location. e.g: string certificatePath = Server.MapPath("~/AzureCertificate/") certificateNam

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