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Web Apps with App service plan

Reading this article, and specially this paragraph: The SKU and Scale of the App Service plan determines the cost and not the number of apps hosted in it. Can I create as many Web Apps as I need into the same resource group with the same App Service Plan? For instance, I have a RG named S1-Resources and a S1 App Service Plan. If I create for

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Does Azure charge for number of app services

Does Azure charge only for the utilization of App service plan resources or for the number of app services we create under that App service plan? Does the number of app services created under a app service plan effects cost? I am developing a microservices project and I am unsure of whether to deploy each microservice in a dedicated app service or

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Move Azure website between App Service Plans

Is it possible to move an Azure Website to a different (or new) App Service Plan? I have already tried both the old and new portals but cannot find the options for this. Solution Yes, you can do this from the Web app blade in the Azure portal. You have to expand the toolbar though to see the option. See below.

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Setting up a custom domain with an Azure Function app

I have an Azure Function app running on dynamic pricing and am trying to set up a custom domain. I have added and verified the domain and setup the CNAME record accordingly. The custom domain shows up correctly as the "URL" when I view the App Service settings in the Azure portal. If I try to use this domain, however (to access an HTTP trigger fun

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Unexpected azure-function timeouts on app-service-plan

Azure functions recently got 5 minute timeout behavior on consumption/dynamic plans. I'm using an queue triggered function on a standard tier app service plan with AlwaysOn enabled, but I'm still seeing the timeout (after ~10mins), followed by infinite retries, despite my host.json specifying a maxDequeueCount of 1. I've tried setting functionTime

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Azure Functions: Force HTTPS

Is there a way with Azure Functions to force connections to be over HTTPS? I'm not seeing it in the App Settings, and I don't see any reference to web.config for Azure Functions. Solution Update November 2017 In the Azure portal, go to your function app. Platform features > Custom Domains > toggle HTTPS Only to 'On'. Anyone using HTTP will

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How to Avoid Azure App Service Plans to Scale Down Automatically

I would like to ask you if there is a way to avoid App Service Plans from Azure to scale down automatically. For instance, I configured an App Service Plan with the following pricing tier: Basic: 1 Medium; nevertheless, if my app is idle for some time the pricing tier of that App Service Plan changes to Shared. I do not know if that is a standard b

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Timer triggered Azure Function not getting triggered

I have a function on Azure with the follow function.json file: { "bindings": [ { "type": "timerTrigger", "direction": "in", "schedule": "0 0 3 * * *", "name": "myTimer" } ], "disabled": false } Unless I'm wrong, this should make the function run once a day, at 3AM ? Thi

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Azure same FTP url for all azure websites sharing same appservice plan

I created few web applications for the one app service plan. For all these apps I am seeing one FTP url. Issue is that when I go to the URL, I can see one "Site/wwwroot" folder which only shows one application. Isn't is possible to access FTP of other web applications? All applications works fine. I don't understand how this FTP is being created

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