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There was an error sending this message to your bot: HTTP status code NotFound

I tried to deploy the bot in azure. Initially I created a web app bot in azure and then I download the code from azure. After that I added all the production files like .bot, .env, web.config files in my git repository. After that I added my git repository to the azure. I also included the microsoft app id and app password in app.js file and web.co

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403 forbidden with POST request on https://facebook.botframework.com

Every POST request to the following API get 403 forbidden : https://facebook.botframework.com/v3/conversations/{{conversation_id}}/activities https://facebook.botframework.com/api/v1/bots/{{bot_name}} ; which is webhook url registered at facebook bot Noted : Bot framework already is Bot Service Azure before 2018 March 31 Facebook channel at Bot

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C# Bot framework - Resource not found Error

I've built a small basic web bot app using bot framework and want to deploy it on Azure. I've followed all the steps and it's working fine under "Test in Web Chat" of Azure Portal too, but however as I open my bot's endpoint https://optlbot.azurewebsites.net/api/messages I get an error saying The requested resource does not support http method

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Can a Bot receive image as message or attachment from a user

I want a user to be able to send image as message to Bot. is this possible?. I've searched online for solutions and I'm tired. please can someone share me a link at least?. Solution Yes From the nodejs documentation here // Create your bot with a function to receive messages from the user var bot = new builder.UniversalBot(connector, function (

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