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Import .tar file using Azure Data Factory

How do I import a TAR file using Azure Data Factory and unzip (decompress) them into Azure Data lake store. I could find it possible for .gZ and .zip files but not .tar! Just FYI, my .tar file sits in the on-premise file system. Request your kind help. Solution You can create a .NET custom activity to install the tar.exe command (that you will

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How to copy data in Azure Data Factory depending on the values?

my problem is this: For example, I have a table with three columns in SQL Server table1(id, number1, number2) and other table2(id,finalNumber). How can I do a conditional copy? I want to copy the bigger number of each row in the table2(finalNumber). I thought a LookUp->IfConditionally but it doesn't work. Solution From the example in the IfConditi

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Loading data from Excel file into Azure Datawarehouse

I have succeeded in loading data from CSV to Azure SQL Server data warehouse, however I now have a excel file as a source and when I try reading this excel file into BLOB CSV it creates a file with junk characters. Any help would be appreciated. Solution To handle this within data factory you'll need to use a custom activity (DotNotActivity) that

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Insert a csv file into Azure SQL from an Azure Blob

I have an asp.net (c#) site in Azure and an accompanying Azure SQL database. I need to upload 1gb csv files and get them parsed and into my Azure SQL database. I can get the csv files into an Azure blob. I now have the URL to the blob (newGuid.txt). Either from SQL or from the web app, how do I parse this csv and get it inserted into my Azure

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U-SQL Job Failing in Data Factory

I keep getting following error from Data Factory whenever I run an U-SQL Job Job submission failed, the user 'adla account name' does not have permissions to a subfolder in the /system/ path needed by Data Lake Analytics. Please run “Add User Wizard” from the Data Lake Analytics Azure Portal or use Azure PowerShell to grant access for the user to

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