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How to unit test U-SQL scripts?

I currently have a U-SQL project with a set of different scripts, and i am trying to create unit tests for them. I can run the scripts locally using the Azure Data Lake tools with a set of test data and generate the expected outputs. The scripts are pure U-SQL data manipulation/transformation so because there are no methods i am not sure whats the

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U-SQL Job Failing in Data Factory

I keep getting following error from Data Factory whenever I run an U-SQL Job Job submission failed, the user 'adla account name' does not have permissions to a subfolder in the /system/ path needed by Data Lake Analytics. Please run “Add User Wizard” from the Data Lake Analytics Azure Portal or use Azure PowerShell to grant access for the user to

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Install Azure U-SQL Extensions to run R/Python scripts locally?

We can extend U-SQL scripts with R/Python code in Azure Data Lake Analytics, but how can we do it locally? Solution Install U-SQL Advanced Analytics extensions in your Data Lake Analytics Account 1.1 Launch your Azure Portal 1.2 Navigate to your Data Lake Analytics Account 1.3 Click Sample Scripts 1.4 Click More and select Install U-SQL Extension

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Loading CSV from Azure Data Lake (Gen 2) to Azure SQL Database

I have an Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen 2) account with several containers. I would like to import the salesorderdetail.csv file from the Sales container into an Azure SQL database. I've successfully built the same process using Azure Data Factory, but I now want to try and get this working via standard T-SQL statements only. CREATE MASTER KEY E

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