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Azure Repos Folder/Directory Comparison

We are starting to utilize the version control on Azure Devops with the Git Repos. One topic that was asked is if there is a way to compare directories/branches/folders/repos on Azure Devops, say before deploying to a stage to see what chnages/differences are notable between the environments' directories before committing. Is there such a tool/ta

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What is the right way to authenticate Azure Function against Azure DevOps REST API?

The goal is to develop an Azure function which should do some changes in Azure DevOps (like update work items, wiki pages etc), being triggered by Azure pipeline service hook. Can I use function system identity in this case? And how can I give permissions for this identity to call DevOps REST APIs? Solution I'm not sure if this is the best way but

it1352 1 2020-09-16

Pull request pop up a confirmation box

During pull request my requirement is to set a branch policy so that I can pop up a custom dialog box which will ask the user if all systems tests were run on the incoming feature branch being merged. This will possibly be a free text or a radio button kind of interaction. Is it possible to do some such custom workflows during pull requests in Azur

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