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Databricks and Azure Files

I need to access Azure Files from Azure Databricks. According to the documentation Azure Blobs are supported but I am need this code to work with Azure files: dbutils.fs.mount( source = "wasbs://<your-container-name>@<your-storage-account-name>.file.core.windows.net", mount_point = "/mnt/<mount-name>", extra_configs = {"<

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How to upload a file to Azure Storage with WinSCP (SFTP)?

theI have a C# service using WinSCP which reliably uploads files to any SFTP server. I'd like to use it to connect to MS Azure Storage and upload files there using the same SFTP protocol. Please note I am not looking to use any other protocol (i.e.: FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, etc.) as well as I am not looking to SFTP files [out] of the Azure Storage. There

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"Could not find a part of the path" creating a service

I tried to create Azure cloud service using: Create the Cloud Service New-AzureServiceProject -ServiceName 'service-lift-and-shift' -Verbose I am using Azure SDK 2.9 and it is giving the following error: ServiceName: service-lift-and-shift New-AzureServiceProject : Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Azur

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Insert a csv file into Azure SQL from an Azure Blob

I have an asp.net (c#) site in Azure and an accompanying Azure SQL database. I need to upload 1gb csv files and get them parsed and into my Azure SQL database. I can get the csv files into an Azure blob. I now have the URL to the blob (newGuid.txt). Either from SQL or from the web app, how do I parse this csv and get it inserted into my Azure

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Get notification when file added to File Share

Is there a way to get notified when a new file is added/modified to Azure File Share? Similar feature exists with AWS S3 where one can configure an S3 bucket to send message to SQS or SNS or Lambda (or other) when a new File is added. An alternative (though less preferred) is to be able to query files in a share such that only modified/new files

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