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How to parse Multi-part form data in an Azure Function App with HTTP Trigger? (NodeJS)

I want to write a NodeJS HTTP endpoint using Azure Functions. This endpoint will be a POST endpoint which takes files and upload these to blob storage. However, NodeJS multipart form data parsers are all in the form of httpserver or expressJS middleware. Is there any available tools that can parse the multipart form data after it has all been re

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Is it possible to deploy the Azure Functions in Local IIS?

I have created a HttpTrigger using Visual Studio 2017. I can able to debug and able to call the azure function from web browser using below mentioned URL. localhost:7071/api/Demofunction?name=amit I have published the Project in a Local Folder in my system. Is it possible to deploy the generated dlls in the Local IIS and call the API from br

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Azure Functions: how to set CORS via automation?

I have an azure function app that I would like to set up in repeatable (automated) manner so that I can duplicate it in different environments/resource groups. I'm able to create the function app via the azure cli, but I also need to configure the CORS options such that I can call it from a browser. I've found where to do that in the azure portal

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DI in Azure Functions

I have some class libraries that I use in my ASP.NET Web API app that handle all my backend stuff e.g. CRUD operations to multiple databases like Azure SQL Database, Cosmos DB, etc. I don't want to re-invent the wheel and able to use them in a new Azure Functions that I'm creating in Visual Studio 2017. All my repository methods use an interface.

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Azure Functions timeout for Consumption plan

Is there a way to change the current 5 minutes timeout limit for Azure Functions running under the Consumption plan ? For some data analytics computations 5 minutes is not enough time. The alternative of using webjobs doesn't allow parallel execution of the function. Solution (Other answer is a bit confusing, so writing instead of editing a lot)

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In-order message processing on serverless Azure Functions using Logic Apps

I need to process incoming messages on Azure. Each message will be associated with a specific entity – say, through an EntityId property – and messages belonging to the same entity must be processed in-order with respect to each other. At the same time, I would to preserve the serverless aspect of Azure Functions; if I have steady streams of messag

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