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How to convert CSV to JSON using template via Azure Logic App

Is it possible to convert CSV to JSON using built-in/managed/3rd party template, without using Azure Function via Azure Logic App? Below is using Azure Function, which is generated automaticately. However, I cannot find the link like what it mentions. Ideally, no Azure function is required. http://blogs.recneps.org/post/Processing-a-flat-file-wit

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Email alert Azure table storage

I am sending sensor data to azure table storage. I want to send an email if a value in a column is less than a particular value. please find the attached images -If a value in GPIOPin column is less than 7 then an email alert has to be sent. Could someone please guide how to proceed? I have tried with Logic apps but I am not understan

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Azure API Management vs Logic Apps

New to Azure and would like to know what the difference between Azure API Management and Logic Apps is. Some pros and cons would be nice. Also what the costing for each of these is like. Thanks Solution Seems you want to know about Azure API Management and Azure Logic Apps Well let me help you what that actually are... Azure API Management A

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Azure Logic Apps-Download File from URL

I have a requirement in Logic Apps where I need to do HTTP GET from a website URL which gives a file which I need to download to Azure File Storage. I am able to call the downloadable URL but not sure how to go about downloading the file to Azure File storage directory. Please let me know your inputs.Do I need to write an Azure function or can I

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Azure file system connector

I have create many logic apps and used Azure file system for creating and copy file in Azure in VS 2019. Now the problem is that in one App when i add azure file system as connector as SO here I see I have 2 connector where as in other app I see there are almost 6-7 connectors so in the second screen shot i see many connection in dif

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Azure Logic Apps error While Adding API Apps

I am doing on POC for getting records from On-Premise SQL By using Logic Apps API Apps. I have created SQL Connector in API Apps and also created Logic Apps. But when try to add the SQL Connector API App in Logic App Designer. it is saying Failed to fetch swagger. Ensure you have CORS enabled on the endpoint and are calling an HTTPS endpo

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Getting content from service bus in logic apps

I am new to Azure logic apps. I have a service bus and pass a json object message to that service bus then I set up an action in logic apps to listen to my service bus. So everytime a new message come in to that service bus my logic apps will pick it up and send it to http. My question is how can I grab the property from the message in service bus

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