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Is there a way to secure an Azure Function that will only be called from a specific Azure Logic App?

I understand that Azure Functions are potentially open endpoints on the internet if I read Microsoft’s documentation correctly and per conversations with a friend who has some experience working with web development paradigms that Azure Functions leverages. A cursory reading of security forums and stack overflow questions on the topic leads me to u

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Authenticate from Azure Logic app to Azure Function using Managed Identity

I am trying to configure the security for a Logic App and Azure Function. The Azure Function has an HTTP Trigger. So far I have done the following: Created the Azure Function with some basic functionality (write query in request to log). Created the Logic App (recurrence trigger, HTTP to trigger the Azure Function) Tested that the Logic App succe

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Azure Key Vault secret to store app users secrets

In my application I have to store very sensitive data of its users, such as various password to other 3rd part services (user fill a form where he provides us login and password to 3rd part service) The goal of the application is to setup other complex system using powershell scripts generated from over 100 inputs. There is a requirement to save u

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Azure DevOps Release Pipeline Fails Every Time

Currently, trying to configure a release pipeline in Azure Devops. I've successfully created a CI pipeline that is working and running tests successfully. My release pipeline uses the artifacts from latest the CI build and should be deploying to azure. When I look at the logs I can see the the following were completed successfully: Initialize Age

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