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Java, count rows in azure database table

I am trying to count the number of rows in an Azure database table and display that number on my android app. I have read Azure's documentation on retrieving data from tables here: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/mobile-services-android-how-to-use-client-library/#querying But it doesn't mention a built-in COUNT function.

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Implementing table joins in the Mobile Apps Node.js backend using SQL

Since Azure Mobile Apps does not provide a way to create relationships between tables I decided to create a custom API in my Node.js backend to return data from related tables. The idea was to implement the joins in the backend using SQL, like explained at the Mobile Services Doc. The problem is that I'm using the new Mobile Apps and not the old M

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Azure Mobile Services : can't login with Xamarin

In an Android app running on a real phone with a 4.4.2 (not emulator), Xamarin.Auth runs successfully to retrieve Access Token from Twitter. The problem is when using these credentials against Azure Mobile Services. The method LoginAsync never comes back.. If I put this code in form of a task and I wait after the task, the task is going long runnin

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Does Windows Azure have the equivalent of AWS Identity Access Management?

So I have a mobile app that uses AWS's IAM infrastructure that effectively allows me to provide temporary access tokens to anonymous mobile devices, so that they can run queries against AWS services directly from the mobile device. Does anyone know if Windows Azure has a drop in replacement for this sort of thing too? I've read about Windows Azure

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Azure Web App vs Azure Mobile App

I have created an Azure Web App today and it has a Mobile section in the Settings which contains Push notification, Mobile Authentication, etc. You can even download the source code for a mobile client app. I know that this used to be part of Mobile App (Mobile Service). I have created an Azure Mobile App to compare with Web App and they look the s

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Azure Mobile Services with Android

I am very new to both Android development & Azure Mobile Services. I have a decent knowledge of Java so Android development is not proving to be too difficult. Although, I am struggling to gain a good knowledge of working with Azure Mobile Services. I have little knowledge of REST API's but will be able to learn quite quickly if required. My

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