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"Download pipeline artifact" vs. "Download build artifacts"

What is the difference between "Download pipeline artifact" and "Download build artifacts"? Which one should be used and when? Solution Pipeline artifact: provide a way to share files between stages in a pipeline or between different pipelines. They are typically the output of a build process that need to be consumed by another job or be deployed

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Is there a way to trigger pipeline using Azure Artifacts in YML?

When defining a GUI release I can make it be triggered by an Azure Artifact, is there a way to replicate this for pipelines in YML? I am building in one AZDO tenant, pushing universal packages to another tenant, where the release definitions will be defined, I'm hoping this can be in YAML. But I don't see an obvious way to do this at the moment?

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How do I edit view and edit the YAML file for the Release Pipeline in Azure Dev Ops?

I've successfully built my code on Azure Dev Ops by modifying the pipeline YAML file, but I have been unable to successfully deploy the artifact to my IIS Server. The only way to create a deployment is by using its unpleasant UI. I've read that by turning on a multi-pipelines preview feature, you can view and edit the YAML file. Unfortunately, i

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How to modify Azure DevOps release definition variable from a release task?

What is the easiest way to get key rotation to work for azure storage accounts from a AzureDevOps relase task? The current plan is to re-generate the old key after release to invalidate it, and have a fresh key that can be used on next deployment. But to get that to work it seems like I at least need to store the name of the key to use in a release

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How to import task groups in Azure DevOps

I have multiple release pipelines using similar set of tasks. I have created a task group as explained in Task Groups. I want to reuse this task group in other release pipelines. I cannot find any task/menu item in Azure DevOps to do so. Documentation in Task Groups mentions exporting the release pipeline as json but the import section is not qui

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How do I create a Release pipeline for a Node.js web app in Azure DevOps?

I want to enable continuous deployment on Azure DevOps for a Node.js app, by creating a Release pipeline. How do I make this happen? Solution When I wrote the previous answer I made one year ago, Azure DevOps didn't have the web app deployment task for build pipelines, so it had to be done using a release task, which I was not a fan of because rel

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