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Is Managed Resource Group Mandatory for creating Azure Databricks

while creating Azure Databricks, the managed resource group is getting created automatically with resources(vnet,nsg and storage account). My question is, is it possible to create Azure Databricks without managed resource group. If not can we use our existing resources(like vnet, nsg and storage account) I have tried creating Azure Databricks wi

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How do I change the name of an Azure Resource Group?

After the new model was implemented, all of my websites now belong to individual Resource Groups called "Default-Web-East" and all of my SQL databases belong to individual Resource Groups called "Default-SQL-East". This is confusing to say the least. I would like to rename the groups to have some semantic meaning. I would also like to group the

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Azure Resource Group Set Tags with SDK?

I have used code similar to http://blogs.infinitesquare.com/b/tranise/archives/-azure-resource-group-une-nouvelle-facon-dorganiser-ses-environnements-dans-azure#.Vr1RrfIrLgk to create a Resource Group in Azure with C#. I am now trying to extend it by putting Tags on the Resource. Adding resourceGroupGetResult.ResourceGroup.Tags.Add("a","1") works,

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The client xxx with object id xxx does not have authorization to perform action Microsoft.Resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups/write' over scope

I am trying to create a Resource Group dynamically using Azure Management SDK Here are my azure configuration details subscription=<private-data> client=<private-data> key=<private-data> tenant=<private-data> managementURI=https://management.core.windows.net/ baseURL=https://management.azure.com/ authURL=https://login.windo

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VSTS Pipeline Deployment of ARM Error: Could not find any file matching the template file pattern

I am trying to deploy an Azure ARM script in VSTS Pipeline. I "Published" the Artifacts in the Build Step and Downloaded the Artifacts in the Release Step. The Log seems to indicate that it found the ARM script (After much trial and error. The prescribed manner found here does not seem to work at all). I however get Error: Could not find any fi

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Azure Resource Template Deployment issues

I have created separate ARM templates each for the DocumentDB, Azure SQL Server, Storage Account, Azure Key Vault, Azure Batch, HDInsight Cluster. Using New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment powershell command when I deploy above resources in a loop within the same resource group I found a strange behaviour. While deploying DocDB all my previously d

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