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List all Azure servicebus subscriptions in a ServiceBus namespace

I am migrating my project from the WindowsAzure.ServiceBus to the new Microsoft.Azure.Servicebus NuGet package. The problem is that I cannot find a way to list all my current topics/subscriptions in my servicebus namespace. This is the piece of code I used before with the old NuGet package: var namespaceManager = NamespaceManager.CreateFromConne

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Azure Service Bus queue messages got stuck

I recently created some partitioned queues from where I send and receive all the time. They've run as non-partitioned in the past without any of my current issues. The problem is, I have a constant number of messages in the queue that I can not receive. I always get nothing back when not sending any other messages to the queues but when I send mes

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SignalR scaleout in Azure for high frequency scenario

From my reading on SignalR scaleout in Azure, the recommended way is to use Azure ServiceBus as a backplane. But in the same time there is limitation on using backplane for high frequency messaging. In terms of Limitation chapter in Scaleout in SignalR, I would characterize my app as something between chat and real-time game. Any tips how to imple

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Connecting to Azure ServiceBus Queue

I am developing my first Azure implementation, I have set up my azure account and i used NuGet to install The proper DLL's and configs to my application. when i set my WCF client to point to the Service Bus Queue and run the method i get this exception: Microsoft.ServiceBus.ServerErrorException at Microsoft.ServiceBus.RelayedSocketInitiat

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Error with Azure Function Service Bus Output Binding

I'm having an issue with an Azure Service Bus output binding that I'm uncertain about how to proceed with. I've had no luck finding a similar question, so I apologize if this is a duplicate. I'm trying to use the local VS 2017 development process, so the function.json bindings should be generated automatically. The function signature is as follows

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Clearing azure service bus queue in one go

We are using a service bus queue in our project. We are in need of a functionality to remove all the messages from the queue when the administrator chooses to clear the queue. I searched on the net but could not find any function which does this inside the QueueClient class. Do I have to pop all the messages one by one and then marking them comple

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