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Azure DTU Calculation

We have some DB instances on Azure, I am trying to optimize DB Performance on Azure. Can any explain what is Azure DTU & How can we calculate Azure DTU ? Solution 1.What is Azure DTU: Azure SQL Database provides two purchasing models: vCore-based purchasing model and DTU-based purchasing model. DTU-based purchasing model is based on a bundl

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Cannot connect to Azure SQL database, even with whitelisted IP

I am currently unable to connect to my Azure SQL database from a separate remote standalone dedicated box in a private datacenter. I have an Azure SQL database where I manage the list of IP addresses that can connect to this database. This has worked perfectly until now. I have recently set-up a new dedicated box in a private datacenter that needs

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Deploy database to Azure SQL fails, sp_MSforeachtable not found

I am trying to publish a SQL Server database using a .dacpac and publish profile to an Azure SQL database. We have been using on premises SQL Server with no problems for quite some time, and now we are evaluating Azure and AWS to see which is best suited for our needs. We have a SQL Server database project and want to deploy it to Azure SQL data

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Backup and restore of Azure sql database using c#

I want to take backup of Azure sql database to my local system and then restore that backup to Azure sql database in c#. Can any body helps me out?Is it possible to do so? Solution Azure SQL Database does not support creating .bak files on-demand. Azure SQL DB automatically backups up all databases using native backups to enable you to Point-in-Ti

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Can we connect Microsoft Azure Bot to Azure SQL Database and read data from the DB and use it as a reply for the Bot?

I am working on a ChatBot project, which requires to query from a table in SQL database hosted in Azure and use the result as a reply for the bot. I am using a basic bot template from Azure Web App Bot. Independently without connecting to the database, the Bot is working fine. And there is no issues with the database, I was able to query from the

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