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how to watch a folder of Azure Storage Explorer BLOB

we have some blob containers in Azure Storage, I would like to have a Dashboard with links to some specific folders e.g. to see at one glance the latest files in a specific folder of the Blob Container. At the moment it is only possible with some clicks, navigation down and sorting into the folder. I already tried to create a Metrics chart on the

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Using Bearer tokens along with azure-sdk-for-js

We are building a nodejs server, which authenticates the user using AAD. We get a JWT accessToken from the Microsoft login endpoint when a user logs in to our app. How do we use this token to make calls to get the blobs/containers using this javascript API? I don't want to make direct ajax requests to the API's using the (Authorization: Bearer acc

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Moving data from a database to Azure blob storage

I'm able to use dask.dataframe.read_sql_table to read the data e.g. df = dd.read_sql_table(table='TABLE', uri=uri, index_col='field', npartitions=N) What would be the next (best) steps to saving it as a parquet file in Azure blob storage? From my small research there are a couple of options: Save locally and use https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us

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Azure Storage Account - Read Only Group

I have an Azure Storage account, and a group of users called 'Readers' I want to give the Readers group read-only access to all blobs and containers in the storage account. I've tried: In the Storage Account > Access Control > Add > Role: Storage Blob Data Reader Assign access to: Azure AD user, group, or application Select: Readers But users

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Get notification when file added to File Share

Is there a way to get notified when a new file is added/modified to Azure File Share? Similar feature exists with AWS S3 where one can configure an S3 bucket to send message to SQS or SNS or Lambda (or other) when a new File is added. An alternative (though less preferred) is to be able to query files in a share such that only modified/new files

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