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Azure storage underlying technology

What is Azure storage made of, the underlying storage technology which supports the Azure storage we access in azure portal? Is it object based storage or block storage (persistent/ephemeral) similar to categorization in Ceph? If there is a mix of block and object based, which storage is used for each of exposed Azure storage service - block blo

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Is Windows Azure Storage (Blob, Table, Queue) optimized for access from Windows Azure Roles?

I'm currently looking at Windows Azure to host an ElasticSearch implementation. Loading the application and running it under Java is not that difficult. Currently, ElasticSearch only supports Amazon's S3 when it comes to cloud storage. As a result, I've made a request to add support for Azure Blob Storage in ElasticSearch. Right after I made th

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Does Azure Storage Emulator Support File Shares?

I have the Azure Storage Emulator running but it currently looks like (as of v5.6.0.0) that it only supports Blob, Queue, and Table storage: BlobEndpoint: QueueEndpoint: TableEndpoint: The confusing part is when you configure a local connection via the desktop Azure Storage

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Is there a way to view blobs of managed disks in Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer or the Azure Portal?

When I create a VM using Azure Resource Manager with an unmanaged disk, I can view its .vhd in Microsft Azure Storage Explorer and/or the Azure Portal under the specified storage account's Blob Container in a sub-container called "vhds". When I create a VM using Azure Resource Manager with a managed disk, I can't find any storage container with

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Azure Functions - Table Storage Trigger with Azure Functions

I need a way to trigger the Azure functions when an entity is added to the Azure Table storage. Is there a way to do this ? When I tried to add a new Azure function, I did not see any Azure Table storage trigger. I see there is Queue and Blob triggers available. If there is no support for the Azure table storage trigger, then should I need to have

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