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Azure Functions - Table Storage Trigger with Azure Functions

I need a way to trigger the Azure functions when an entity is added to the Azure Table storage. Is there a way to do this ? When I tried to add a new Azure function, I did not see any Azure Table storage trigger. I see there is Queue and Blob triggers available. If there is no support for the Azure table storage trigger, then should I need to have

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Rename Azure Storage Table?

Is it not possible to rename an Azure Storage Table? I cannot seem to find anything online (not even cmdlets). There are no options for this in Visual Studio Server Explorer, Cloud Storage Studio or TableXplorer. Solution You're correct. It is not possible to rename an Azure Storage Table (or Blob Container or Queue for that matter). Possible

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Email alert Azure table storage

I am sending sensor data to azure table storage. I want to send an email if a value in a column is less than a particular value. please find the attached images -If a value in GPIOPin column is less than 7 then an email alert has to be sent. Could someone please guide how to proceed? I have tried with Logic apps but I am not understan

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Need to Store Data in SqlAzure and Table Storage in single transaction.?

I have an scenario for my application? I need to store the History data in table Storage and Main Data in Sql Azure. i.e If an update happens for the Data ,the History data should move to Azure Table Storage and newly modified data should be updated in Sql Azure in Single transaction.if any problems occurs in any one database system,it should get

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Azure Table Vs MongoDB on Azure

I want to use a NoSQL database on Windows Azure and the data volume will be very large. Whether a Azure Table storage or a MongoDB database running using a Worker role can offer better performance and scalability? Has anyone used MongoDB on Azure using a Worker role? Please share your thoughts on using MongoDB on Azure over the Azure table storage.

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