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Why doesn't my Azure virtual machine show up in Visual Studio's Publish feature, for an ASP.NET MVC app?

I'm trying to publish my ASP.NET MVC4 web application, using Visual Studio 2013, to a virtual machine that I have up and running in Azure. The virtual machine has IIS installed on it. I'm not using the Azure Web Sites feature because it does not support virtual networks, yet, and thus cannot be configured to connect to a SQL Server database, runni

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Securing a network between a website and VM in azure

I understand that in windows azure you can add VMs to a virtual network, but I don't see the option to add a website to a network. what is the recommended way of securing access to a VM (MongoDb) from an azure website? I would much prefer have the db behind some sort of firewall rather than traffic going through the public internet. Edit: the vm

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What kind of graphics card are Windows Azure Virtual Machines equipped with?

I am thinking about running some graphics intensive programs on Windows Azure virtual machine, but not sure what kind of hardware do they have. Does all the VM have the same GPU? What is your experience of it? Solution The GPUs in Azure Virtual Machine are likely to be very basic and will most probably not have anywhere near the processing power y

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Troubleshoot Azure Inbound Security Rule Not Working

I created a new Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine in Microsoft Azure. Among other things installed on that virtual machine is a web site hosted in IIS, but I can't seem to get IIS on that server to respond externally. I am using the Resource Manager, so on my Public IP Address, I configured the DNS name (from Configuration), so the full DNS n

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Windows Azure Virtual Machine Reverse DNS PTR Solution?

I am looking for a creative solution to Windows Virtual Machine not supporting reverse dns. I have a Windows Virtual machine in Azure and I am running a low demand email server on it. Google will not except emails from the my server because reverse dns is supported in Azure VMs yet. So if a user wants their company email forwarded to a Gmail acc

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Adding Azure Virtual machine to an existing availability set

I want to create two virtual machines in Azure which should not be connected to each other. I created first virtual machine and also created an availability set as part of its creation process. Now when I create the second virtual machine then I don't get the availability set created as part of first virtual machine in the drop down list of avail

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Windows Phone Emulator error, Hyper-V components not running, Windows 8.1 hosted in Windows Azure

Environment: Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit hosted in Windows Azure Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (Update 2) I get the following error when trying to run a very simple phone app. I know MS says a VM-within-a-VM environment isn't supported, but I know it can work. Has anyone had success with this? Any help is greatly appreciated. Windows Phone Emul

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