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How to protect my Azure web role from other people?

I have a Web role on Azure. I would like to allow only my people to access the web role. I have found post to manual/code to restrict IPs to access the role. I would like to create firewall way(something like SQL Azure's firewall) to block/allow IPs. I could not find any setting in Azure console. please help. Solution If you publish your endpoin

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How can an Azure Web Site reach an Azure hosted virtual machine?

How can an Azure Web Site reach an Azure hosted virtual machine? We have a number of virtual machines hosted in Azure, linked to our internal network through ExpressRoute. We're looking at setting up a web site in Azure Web App Service, and some backing web services in Azure App Service. But the question is how the web site and web services can

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How to reserve IP when provisioning Azure VM (resource manager)

I'm provisioning a new Azure VM (resource manager) via Ubuntu command line. I'm following the steps outlined here to do so: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-linux-tutorial/ My question is: while provisioning a new VM, what do I do on the command line to ensure it has a static IP (reserved IP)? The same

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How to restrict access to some public websites

I am new to cloud computing. Sorry if this is a silly question. I have created a VM from azure portal. My requirement is not to allow the user using the VM to access public website. Can anyone help me how to achieve this functionality? Thanks Solution You probably have a Network Security Group that was created when you created the VM. In there yo

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Is it possible to use Azure API Management and Azure ACS (kubernetes) as frontend and backend?

I would like to create a simple architecture on Azure. My high level design is very similar to the picture below (source: https://www.import.io/post/using-amazon-lambda-and-api-gateway/) I do want to access the internal services via the Azure API Management. What I can see on Microfos documentation page is that this simple and secure architectur

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