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Web Apps with App service plan

Reading this article, and specially this paragraph: The SKU and Scale of the App Service plan determines the cost and not the number of apps hosted in it. Can I create as many Web Apps as I need into the same resource group with the same App Service Plan? For instance, I have a RG named S1-Resources and a S1 App Service Plan. If I create for

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AWS EC2 migration to Azure VM using nodsjs code

I need to migrate my AWS EC2 instance to Azure VM using nodejs code. I checked instruction from Azure Site . https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/blog/seamlessly-migrate-your-application-from-aws-to-azure-in-4-simple-steps/ So my simple question here can i migrate my EC2 to Azure using nodejs code only. Or Can i replicate above link using my nodejs

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Crystal report not working Azure web apps

We are using crystal reports in asp.net application (https://kegxchange.azurewebsites.net/) However when we publish the application we are getting the error “Could not load file or assembly 'CrystalDecisions.Web”. Is it possible to install crystal reports runtime for this site or is there any work around solution for running crystal reports. We ar

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How to secure access from App Service To Azure Sql Database using virtual network?

Scenario I want to use virtual network in order to limit access to Azure Database only from my App Service, so that I can turn of "Allow access to App Services" in firewall settings What I have done: I went to App Service -> Networking -> VNET Integration -> Setup -> Create New Virtual Network I've created new VNET with default settings. When

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