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Can I point my domain name to an Azure web site?

In the current technical preview, Azure lets you create 10 ASP.NET websites. They are given domains such as http://yourappname.azurewebsites.net. Is there currently any way to point a domain name to this website? Or are there any plans to support this in the future? Solution Update 18-sep-2012: Windows Azure Web Sites tiers: Free: Allows you to

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Web Apps with App service plan

Reading this article, and specially this paragraph: The SKU and Scale of the App Service plan determines the cost and not the number of apps hosted in it. Can I create as many Web Apps as I need into the same resource group with the same App Service Plan? For instance, I have a RG named S1-Resources and a S1 App Service Plan. If I create for

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App pool timeout for azure web sites

is there a way to set the timeout of an app pool of a web-site running under azure sites. I have a site running there and it seems like it needs to spin up again when it has been idle for a while. Solution Windows Azure Web Sites supports two modes, shared and Reserved. In Shared mode, your web site process (w3wp) runs alongside other, sharing

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Azure Websites, Can one deploy .NET 4.5.1 websites?

I notice that Azure Websites seems to offer .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.5. So I assume that one cannot deploy .NET 4.5.1 web applications yet? I mention this as .NET 4.5.1 seems to have a useful new feature called "ASP.NET app suspension" which seems to pull back app images much more quickly into RAM. Perhaps Although this feature is targeted at hosters,

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How to run node.js in azure webjobs?

I am having several node js script files.I have to run these js files in azure web jobs.can any one tell me the detail step for how to add the node.js files in azure web jobs and also how to run these web jobs. Solution If you have a file with a .js extension it'll be run as a node program Full documentation on Azure Web Jobs here: https://azure.

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Windows Azure with Multiple Sites in One Role not transforming 2nd web.debug.config to web.config

I am using Web.Config transformations to deploy my application to Azure. I also have 2 sites in my service, a public website, and private WCF site endpoint. I am deploying multiple sites to a single role. When I deploy, the website project (for which the Azure Deploy project is set) transforms the web.config correctly. However, the WCF project

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Multiple web sites on single Windows Azure Web Sites instance

Is it possible to host multiple websites with different domain names on a single Azure Web Sites instance in shared or standard mode? If so, how does one go about doing this? E.g., in my test instance, all requests are served up from the "site\wwwroot" directory. I would like to be able to have example.com served up from "site\example.com" and exa

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