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WebApp in AppServices vs CloudService

Is WebApp (formerly Azure Website) in the newly announced "Azure AppService" the preferred approach to building highly scalable web applications as opposed to using "Azure CloudServices"? My original understanding was that web applications hosted as "Azure CloudServices" would scale better and "Azure Websites" were for simpler web sites/applicatio

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Installing wordpress on Azurewebsites running Django

We are running Django application on Azure websites. We would like to install a blog on www.example.com/blog. We uploaded wordpress into root directory, www.example.com/blog. But Django URL handler is stopping the request to the subdirectory and issuing an 404 page. How to solve this issue? Solution It sounds like you want to deploy multiple app

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Deploying a War file to Azure

I am attempting to upload a War file of a web service to Azure, running tomcat 8. I have the war file in the relevant webapps folder on onedrive, however the deployment consistently fails, and frustratingly it does so without an error message. I'm pretty sure that if I can't use a method involving uploading the binary file to Azure, I cannot use

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Use office 365 login/credentials as Single Sign On

Can I use office 365 login/credentials as Single Sign On? Actually I need to sign in my web application using office 365 login details. Further I want to use following url credentials for Single Sign On in my web application. https://portal.office.com Solution Indeed. Office365 identities are backed by Azure Active Directory, and you can build We

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Deploying WAR FILE in Microsoft Azure Web App

I have created a Microsoft azure web app and configured java version 8 and tomcat latest available. As per their documentation , I have uploaded my WAR file to d:\home\site\wwwroot\webapps\ROOT . Screenshot of MY Directory wen iam trying to access, giving me a 404 error.Please help me to fix this Solution as documentation say : you can u

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Is Azure really conveniant for a medium production website regarding SQL Azure performance, when speed is a critical matter?

So i did read a lot about Azure yesterday as i'm considering my plans for the future of my Webapps. The question is whether to migrate or not in 2012 from a dedicated hosting with two networked strong servers (one front for IIS, one for SQL Server 2008). We're talking about ASP.net webapps only, say 10 websites network querying the same database.

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How to list all running webjobs within an azure subscription using powershell

I have an azure subscription that has upwards of 200 appServices where around about half of them have Continuous, always on webJobs attached, some also have slots which also have webJobs. Is there a way to list all webJobs that are inside a subscription? I was originally tring to use powershell to do this but it was getting rather complex and was

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Headless browser in Azure functions JavaScript?

I tried using phantomjs but apparently it's unsupported, is there any way to scrape websites using azure functions in javascript? Solution There are many restrictions on Azure App Service (includes WebApps, Function Apps), such as Win32k.sys (User32/GDI32) Restrictions. So some packages are not supported on Azure App Service, which like PhantomJS/

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