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How do I implement a custom binding for Azure Functions?

Azure Functions come with a fixed set of pre-existing bindings. At the same time, Azure Functions are based on Web Jobs SDK, which have some extensibility story. It enables creating custom binding types, including custom triggers. Is it possible to run those custom bindings in Azure Function runtime? If yes, is there a tutorial or documentation

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How to run a node.js app in background on Azure

Say I have this simple nodejs app and want to deploy it to Azure as a web app to run in background: //server.js function test() { // send some request to a url } setInterval(test, 10000); So I'd do this on Heroku by adding a Procfile and a command like worker: node server.js, but what's the equal method for azure? Solution Background tasks

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Azure webjob logs - looking for logs that detail the SDK's handling of queue triggered items

As shown in my Stack Overflow question Azure webjob not appearing to respect MaxDequeueCount property, I'm troubleshooting a problem where despite my setting of the MaxDequeueCount property to 1, some items are dequeued many times before they're poisoned (in fact some items may never be poisoned at all and just dequeue, fail and are retried and fai

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How to publish manually created WebJobs to Azure

I created a WebJobs app targeting .NET Core following this article: http://matt-roberts.me/azure-webjobs-in-net-core-2-with-di-and-configuration/ I had to do this manually because currently Visual Studio does not provide a way to create a WebJobs app in .NET Core but I can create a console app targeting .NET Core in Visual Studio 2017. Now, I wan

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Azure Webjobs vs Azure Functions : How to choose

I've created some Azure Webjobs that use triggers and I've just learnt about Azure Functions. From what I understand Azure Functions seem to overlap with Azure Webjobs features and I have some difficulty to understand when to choose between Function and Webjob: Unlike Webjobs, Functions can only be triggered, it hasn't been designed to run conti

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When publishing website on azure, webjobs are deleted

When I publish a site on existing one where I created multiple webjobs, this deletes all the files on server and all the web jobs are deleted. I assume this is because webjobs are stored in App_Data folder. When the APP_Data directory is deleted, the jobs are deleted. How can I avoid deleting the app_data folder when doing a publish? Solution A

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