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Version compatibility issue Azure functions' Node and DirectlineJS es6 exports

End Goal: To create Azure Function running Botframework-DirectlineJS with binding to Bot (Framework) using DirectLine secret. Issue: The above mentioned Botframework-DirectlineJS uses ES6 export and Azure Functions support Node 6.5.0 max doc. Hence the question how to import successfully the DirectlineJS in the index.js file of Azure function?

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How to change the size and other properties of the chat window

I have created a simple bot application using the botframework. I am embedding the chat window in an iframe. How can I control the chat window size and other properties like color, font etc. Solution You can size the iframe but your options of modifying what's in it are limited - CSS override body style for content in iframe?. Here's how I typ

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Are bots for Workplace by Facebook supported via the Facebook channel on Microsoft Bot Framework?

I am trying to connect my bot on the Microsoft Bot Framework to a Work Chat Bot on Workplace by Facebook. Everything appears to work the same as the regular Facebook Messenger channel: I can validate my Facebook Messenger credentials in Botframework (page id, app id, app secret, page access token) The Botframework webhook works in my Workplace c

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