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TFS Build automation

I have TFS2010 building a project solution, which is a copier. The build is succesful but does nothing, ie. doesn't copy. How would I get the triggered build to copy the file? Thanks I have TFS 2010 and VS professonal 2010 EDIT Update Copier is the project being built. I added start copier.exe to the post build and it works when I build it ma

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What is a build tool?

For past 4 years, I have been programming with Eclipse (for Java), and Visual Studio Express (for C#). The IDEs mentioned always seemed to provide every facility a programmer might ask for (related to programming, of course). Lately I have been hearing about something called "build tools". I heard they're used almost in all kind of real world dev

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Automation for Android release build

I have ten Android projects in one folder. For each project, I can use ant debug to build it. So it is no problem to write a simple script to compile all these projects. I use Hudson to build these projects daily, and it works fine. But now our project needs to go to release phase. So the compile command becomes ant release. For compiling a releas

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How to change product code programmatically

I have created bat file for automatic build. It's create installer of my product. But problem is that before run automatic build script I have to change product code manually from install shield. So, is there any way to change product code automatically ? because everything is automatic except product code. Solution As Phil says you can do this v

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TFS 2010 Build Automation and post-build event

In the project I've inherited, the original developer used a number of post-build events in his Visual Studio projects to copy around DLL's and stuff when building inside VS. This is causing some grief now that I'm trying to move these things to the TFS 2010 Build system. I was hoping to be able to create a new "Continuous" project configuration

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What is build automation software (for example, Ant)?

I see reference of ant a lot but I don't get exactly what its meant to do? from what i've heard its supposed to compile your projects but can't i just do that by clicking Run->Run in eclipse? Edit : I guess I should rephrase my question. I already know that ant is a 'build automation software', my question is, what exactly is build automation? I t

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Improving Your Build Process

Or, actually establishing a build process when there isn't much of one in place to begin with. Currently, that's pretty much the situation my group faces. We do web-app development primarily (but no desktop development at this time). Software deployments are ugly and unwieldy even with our modest apps, and we've had far too many issues crop up i

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Unable to hide "Chrome is being controlled by automated software" infobar within Chrome v76

After updating Chrome to version 76, I cannot figure out how to hide the "Chrome is being controlled by automated software..." notification overriding some controls on the page. The latest stable release of ChromeDriver is indeed 76.0.3809.68. The following code worked with Chrome 75 and ChromeDriver 74. var options = new ChromeOptions(); options

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What Tools Do You Recommend To Auto-Build Your Application?

As recently as several years ago, the developers actually made the builds that went to clients. This was obviously a disaster for reasons too numerous to list. Then when we started to learn the errors of our ways, we looked for a way to auto-build the entire application on a dedicated build machine. The culture at that time was very averse to br

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