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Maven - which projects or techologies you are using it for?

I've been leading rather large project that strives to "Mavenize" various testing apps produced by the engineering tools group over past 5 years to test and optimize our home-built database. So far our group managed to successfully retrofit (beside obvious Java) few Coldfusion-based apps, PHP app, large .NET app with about 30 modules and currently

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Improving Your Build Process

Or, actually establishing a build process when there isn't much of one in place to begin with. Currently, that's pretty much the situation my group faces. We do web-app development primarily (but no desktop development at this time). Software deployments are ugly and unwieldy even with our modest apps, and we've had far too many issues crop up i

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C Build Process

I am currently working on an opensource C project. I don't have much experience in C as my daily job mainly involves with Java. I am now planning to release my C project and I would like to know how should I should I arrange the packaging of my project. E.g, in Java, all the class files are packaged into jar file. So what is the equivalent ap

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Jenkins - How can i pass parameters from the Upstream to Downstream

I have 3 builds: A - is the Master build which control the flow B- Anoter build C- will be executed after B I want to add a String parameter to A so the user will enter some String manually, and i'm not sure how can i path this parameter to B. lets say that this is my build flow: build("B") build("C") I don't know how can i path the parameter

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Determine list of source files (*.[ch]) for a complex build with scons

Suppose you have a complex source tree for a C project, lots of directories with lots of files. The scons build supports multiple targets (i386, sparc, powerpc) and multiple variants (debug, release). There's an sconstruct at the root (referencing various sconscripts) that does the right thing for all of these, when called with arguments specifying

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What Tools Do You Recommend To Auto-Build Your Application?

As recently as several years ago, the developers actually made the builds that went to clients. This was obviously a disaster for reasons too numerous to list. Then when we started to learn the errors of our ways, we looked for a way to auto-build the entire application on a dedicated build machine. The culture at that time was very averse to br

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Make ant quiet without the -q flag?

I have an ant buildfile that is often run from vastly different environments. By default, I'm looking for the same behavior as using: ant -q However, since some team member's configurations vary, specifying the -q option in each person's environment is not easily accomplished in a uniform way (some people run ant from eclipse, some from the comm

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