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Build.gradle startup failed

I was working with my project, but my notebook froze for a long time. So, I rebooted it and ran Android Studio, but the project doesn't work. All the activities and classes are ok, but Android Studio shows mt build.gradle error. And my build.gradle(app) file became empty! There is nothing in this file! I don't know, whats's the problem. Here's the

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build.gradle and project libs

I have a project in android studio that uses a project library. My problem is the configuartion of the gradle files. I really tried a lot of solution that were posted here (define modul in project lib in settings as modul, sherlock example, setting right sourcesets ...), but I always get the same error (as soon as I add the lib debendency to my

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Android Studio build.gradle warning message

After i have successfully updated to Android Studio 3.1 Canary 9 i am getting warning message as Warning:Configuration 'compile' is obsolete and has been replaced with 'implementation'. It will be removed at the end of 2018 I know this warning will not cause any problem in my project at least for now. But i want to remove it totally so that ther

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Android Studio AndroidManifest.xml vs build.gradle

If anyone could help me understand some things regarding Android Studio, it would be most enlightening. So, I have switched from Eclipse to Android Studio around a month ago and so far have only been working on my migrated Apps. As such, I have been tinkering around with only the AndroidManifest.xml file as was customary in Eclipse. However, rece

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gradle - custom build.gradle AND settings.gradle

folks, is anyone aware how to use gradle to run with a custom build.gradle AND settings.gradle - i.e both together? I think that I can have a custom build.gradle file (-b flag) - but then this ignores the custom settings flag -c flag. I think (although I can't immediatley point to thepart in the documentation) that if you specificy a custom bu

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Gradle build.gradle to Maven pom.xml

I have a Gradle project and I need all its dependencies to be transferred and used with another Maven project. In other words how can I generate (or can I generate) the pom.xml from the build.gradle? Solution The most built in solution would likely be to use the archiveTask task in the Maven Plugin which will generate a pom in the poms folder in y

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build.gradle changes for git submodule

Source Tree is as follows: core // root .gitmodules // this has box-sdk as submodule box-sdk // git submodule BoxJavaLibraryV2 // Box related files I also created settings.gradle include 'box-sdk:BoxJavaLibraryV2' My build.gradle compile project(':box-sdk:BoxJavaLibraryV2') At this point I was able t

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