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Convert certificate .pem to .der/.cer

I'm trying convert .pem to .cer using OpenSSL... openssl x509 -inform PEM -in root.pem -outform DER -out root.cer But, I don't know how to install the certificate on IIS 7.0 over Win Server 2008. I read some tutorials about it and tried to install the cert in IIS 7.0 Server Certificates -> complete certificate request -> The following er

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What happens if my distribution certificate expires?

My certificate will expire in 4 days, and I've uploaded for submission new app version with the new certificate. What happens if the old certificate expires? Will users be available do download my app with old certificate, or will Apple remove my app until the new certificate is provided? Solution What happens if my certificate expires or has bee

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How do I know what the storeName of a certificate?

I have a certificate installed in windows server 2003 The path I can see from MMC is: Certificates(Local Computer)/Personal/Certificates I want to configure it in my wcf config. How do I know what the storeName is? This is what I get so far in my wcf config <serviceCertificate findValue="certificate.example.com" storeLocation="LocalMachine"

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Force Chrome to send all certificates in chain during TLS

I have written a TLS code which is doing mutual authentication at Java, so client is sending its certificate after server sends its certificate. I would like to validate all the certificates in certificate chain by OCSP which is coming from client side to server side. I have written my loop logic as assuming that last certificate is root(CA) cert

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Grails many-to-many - find all objects that do not contain specific object

I have following domain model: class Product { static hasMany = [ certificates : Certificate ] } class Certificate { static hasMany = [ products : Product ] static belongsTo = [ Product ] } How can I find all products that do not contain specific certificate? Preferably with criteria query. Solution Using the approach that Burt sug

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Can't Get PHP cURL SSL To Work

I'm trying to get PHP cURL to return the headers from https://www.google.com. I'm doing this so that I can understand how to configure the PHP curl_setopt parameters to work correctly with SSL websites. By "correctly" I mean that I want cURL to apply the CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER parameter to validate a server's security certificate. This is new gr

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Cannot import 'PyPDF2' in Python 3.7

I am wondering, why, for the life of me I cannot import and use PyPDF2 (PDF library) in Python 3.7. Firstly, my import fails at top of main.py (i.e. below) from PyPDF2 import PdfFileReader Then I have tried pip install PyPDF2 and variants pip2 install PyPDF3 etc etc. All lead to the below output: Retrying (Retry(total=4, connect=None, read=

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