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Excel VBA: Compiler Errors

So yesterday I posted my first SO question, and it went down like a ton of bricks. However I've picked myself up, dusted myself off, and hopefully this question will be more acceptable... :-) I am trying to remove data duplicates from a list of Health Questionnaires I have to monitor, but the tricky bit I was struggling with was finding a duplicat

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Compiler Errors in atlwin.h

When including atlwin.h from the Microsoft ATL libraries in Visual Studio 2013 building will result in numerous complier errors about undefined elements. i.e. #include <atlwin.h> class MainWnd : public CWindowImpl<MainWnd> {}; "CWindowImpl: base class is not defined" error. or HMONITOR is not defined This does not occur

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Ugly compiler errors with template

template<typename T> struct function { typedef T type; template<typename U> static void f() {} }; template<typename T> struct caller { int count; caller(): count() {} void operator()() { count ; T::f<typename T::type>(); } }; int main() {

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C : error "... is not derived from type ..."

template<typename T1, typename T2> class Bimap { public: class Data; typedef Data* DataP; typedef std::multimap<T1, DataP> T1Map; typedef std::multimap<T2, DataP> T2Map; class Data { private: Bimap& bimap; T1Map::iterator it1; /*...*/ }; }; This gives me this compile e

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c : Error: variable length array of non-POD element type

I basically have int x; cout << "Please enter how many classrooms there are: "; cin >> x; classrooms bunchaClassrooms[x]; //classrooms is a previously declared class. For some reason it gives the error 'variable length array of non-POD element type 'x'' and I have no idea why, if I were to use a vector of classrooms instead, how coul

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Call of overloaded function is ambiguous

What does this error message mean? error: call of overloaded ‘setval(int)’ is ambiguous huge.cpp:18: note: candidates are: void huge::setval(unsigned int) huge.cpp:28: note: void huge::setval(const char*) My code looks like this: #include <iostream> #define BYTES 8 using namespace std ; class huge { private: unsigned

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