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Conditional Statements

Hi I am writing a conditional statement, using strcat. What I am trying to do is to add the file extenstion ''.txt'' if it doesn''t already exist. What I am having trouble with is returning a value if one already exists. Attached is the code below: #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> const int MAX_FILENAME = 256; oid checkFilename

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Conditional Statements difference

Is there any difference between below two statements if (null != obj) and if (obj != null) Edit: if both treated same which will be preferable? Thanks Solution The difference here is the code generated. The two will not generate the exact same code, but in practice this will have no bearing on the results or performance of the two statemen

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How to install features depending on the value of property

I have a registry key that can be equal to one of two values: special value or null. And two features. When my registry key equals to special value the installer has to install first feature. if registry key is not found by registry search the installer has to install second feature. And if registry key has null value the installer must not insta

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Using PHP include during conditional statements

Is it possible to use an include statement that contains conditional statements in a control structure? It's hard to explain, so here's an example: if (...) { } elseif (...) { } elseif (...) { } elseif (...) { } else { } Let's say my third elseif contained a lot of code and I wanted to put it in another file and use an include statement inst

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Alternative to Switch Case in Java

Is there any alternative way to implement a switch case in Java other than if else which is not looking good. A set of values will be there in combination, according to the selection corresponding method has to be executed. Solution Presumably you're struggling with the requirement of case's being constant. Typically this is a code-smell, but ther

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How to know which condition was true in an if statement?

How can I know which condition in an if statement in JavaScript was true? if(a === b || c === d){ console.log(correctValue) } How can I know if it was either a === b or c === d? Edit: I wanted to know if there was any way of doing this besides checking each condition on it's own if statement. Solution You can't. If it matters, it needs to be t

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Can I use conditional statements with EJS templates (in JMVC)?

and if yes, what is the syntax? My goal is to prepend an 's' to the word 'comment' when there is more than one. in an jQuery.ejs template in a JMVC app. The following breaks. I can't find any docs for conditionals... <%=commentsNumber%> comment<% if (commentsNumber > 1) { %> s <% } %> Solution For others that stumble on this

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