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Constructor Overloading Bug?

Hi, does anybody know, why the second contructor isn''t called in this example? Are you able to reproduce this bug? Thanks Klaus Public Class Something Shared Sub Main() Dim test1 As New Something("C"c, 1) Dim test2 As New Something("String", 2) End Sub Sub New(ByVal aChar As Char, ByVal aByte As Byte) Console.WriteLine(&qu

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Java Constructor Overloading

I'm new with Java and I'm having trouble understanding the constructor issue, I have looked at many tutorials and still I'm having difficult to understand why we use constructors, anyway, my specific question is : Correct me if I'm wrong, if i want to add in my class more than one constructor, I'll write the first one and the second will be int ty

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Advantages of Constructor Overloading

I am very new to Java and trying to learn the subject, having previous programming exposure in only HTML/CSS. I have started with Herbert Schildt and progressed through a few pages. I am unable to understand the exact advantages of Constructor Overloading. Isn't it easier to Overload Methods using single constructor for flexibility? Moreover if I

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Constructor Overloading in C

My C overloading does not act as I assume it should: #include "Node.h" #include <iostream> Node::Node() { cout << "1" << endl; Node(Game(), 0.0); } Node::Node(double v) { cout << "2" << endl; Node(Game(),v); } Node::Node(Game g, double v) { cout << "3" << endl; numVisits = 0;

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Why structures in c don't need constructor?

I am doing C from 2 years or so , I say why we need constructors in class and not in structures , and why we cant do constructor overloading in structure... Solution why we need constructors in class We don't. // Perfectly valid class Foo { public: int x }; why we cant do constructor overloading in structure... We can. // Look

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TypeScript constructor

i tried to create a class with two constructors and find out that TypeScript are not allowing that, but it allow overloading of constructor, well I tried it to and get an error : Build: Overload signature is not compatible with function implementation. My code: interface IShoppingListItem { name: string; amount: number; } export cla

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Method Overloading in Excel COM Interop

I am having a lot of troubles with method overloading here and have no idea why only one method gets called each time regardless the number of parameters I pass into. Below is the sample code. [ClassInterface(ClassInterfaceType.AutoDual), ComVisible(true)] public class myClass { //constructor public myClass() {} //base method publ

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C# constructors overloading

How I can use constructors in C# like this: public Point2D(double x, double y) { // ... Contracts ... X = x; Y = y; } public Point2D(Point2D point) { if (point == null) ArgumentNullException("point"); Contract.EndContractsBlock(); this(point.X, point.Y); } I need it to not copy code from another constructor...

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