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owin cors or web api cors

there are 100s of question on CORS on web-api, and on how to enable CORS, there is a different answer each one provides. I am so confused and dont know which answer is correct. And the problem is none of the answers actually explains it point wise, what each line of code does, so that I can understand and solve my problem rather than copy-pasting t

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cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com not working?

I am trying to send a get request to the wikipedia api. I am sending the request form a angular frontend so i'm trying to use the heroku cors-anywhere endpoint to avoid CORS issues. For some reason i'm still getting a 503 response saying no access-control-allow-origin header is present on the requested resource. Any idea why this would happen/wh

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Nodejs Hapi - How to enable cross origin access control

I am working HapiJs Restful web service and trying to enable cors so any client even from different domain can consume my services. I tried cors=true in server connection object but didn't work. Solution Where did you put cors=true? Could you add some code? Without know exactly where you've put cors = true, this bit of code may help you: serve

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Fetch API default cross-origin behavior

The Fetch Specifications say that the default Fetch mode is 'no-cors' - A request has an associated mode, which is "same-origin", "cors", "no-cors", "navigate", or "websocket". Unless stated otherwise, it is "no-cors". But, I seem to be noticing this behavioral difference between mode: 'no-cors' and an unspecified mode. As demonstrated in th

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How to enable CORS on IIS Manager of Windows 10?

I've created an HTTPS server using IIS Manager (Windows 10). Now, I want this server to support CORS requests. I've read some information. For example, this link says that I have to create a file web.config in the directory. Unfortunately, it didn't work out. This link says that I should edit some config files, but I don't find them on my machine

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Express CORS domain whitelist

I am using this module to handle cors requests https://www.npmjs.com/package/cors I need to restrict all domains except whitelisted From official CORS module example: var whitelist = ['http://example1.com', 'http://example2.com']; var corsOptions = { origin: function(origin, callback){ var originIsWhitelisted = whitelist.indexOf(origin) !==

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How to use Cors anywhere to reverse proxy and add CORS headers

I've been reading for two hours the documentation of this Reverse proxy to add CORS headers, and I'm not able to use. Can you please help with a simple example how to use that. CORS-ANYWHERE I've tried that example in a javascript (function() { var cors_api_host = 'cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com'; var cors_api_url = 'https://' cors_api_host '/

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CORS obsolete, what does that mean?

I just read on Wikipedia (based on W3 minutes) that CORS is now obsolete: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-origin_resource_sharing From the meeting minutes at https://www.w3.org/2017/08/16-webappsec-minutes.html#item03 Obsoleting CORS dveditz: I raised on the list obsoleting CORS. The spec is old and doesn't reflect what browsers actu

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