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Cross platform programming

I need to write a small program for the university. The problem is, it has to be in C/C under linux, and I've never used linux, I anticipate having a lot of problems with the IDE, compilation, and all that. Is it possible to code it under windows and then "copy/paste" the code and compile it under linux? What are limitations I should know about

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cross platform IPC

I'm looking for suggestions on possible IPC mechanisms that are: cross platform (WIN32 and Linux at least) Simple to implement in C as well as the most common scripting languages (perl, ruby python etc). Finally, simple to use from a programming point of view! What are my options? I'm programming under Linux, but I'd like what I write to be p

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Cross Platform Installer

Our C /QT desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux needs an installer. I'd rather we have a single installer for all three platforms. I do know it's a bit tricky, I guess what I wanted ask is if a framework already exists for that (Java maybe?). I'd really like to avoid having to write three different installers. Solution The link that Kyl

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Cross-platform sockets

I know, Windows doesn't use UNIX sockets while Mac OS does. Until this point my tool was cross-platform without any code changes. But now I want it to do some network communication. I know about POSIX sockets, but I know nothing about Windows' ones. The goal is to implement a simple cross-platform socket server. Could you please recommend a libra

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cross-platform CSS

I use a PC almost exclusively, and I was recently very surprised at the difference in my page when viewed in IE for the Mac (sorry, I couldn''t figure out how to get the version...it was OS9 if that helps). Is there any tool out there that offers some kind of Mac browser emulation? Or a list of rules-of-thumb to keep in mind? I''ve been checking

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Cross platform keylogger

I'm looking for ways to watch mouse and keyboard events on Windows, Linux and Mac from Python. My application is a time tracker. I'm not looking into the event, I just record the time when it happens. If there are no events for a certain time, say 10 minutes, I assume that the user has left and stop the current project. When the user returns (eve

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LLVM bitcode cross-platform

Just to be sure: Is LLVM bitcode cross-platform? By which I mean, can the generated IR (".bc") file be distrubuted and interpreted/JITed over various platforms? If so, how does Clang convert C into platform independend code? While in the C language itself, preprocessors for determining it's target platform are used before it actually compiles.

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C cross platform compiling

I'm using Windows 7 - 32bit operating system. I want to compile my simple C source code into executable for all OSes and architectures. I want to compile for this below operating systems from my OS. Windows 32 Windows 64 Linux 32 Linux 64 OSX 32 OSX 64 Is it possible or not? Note: I need to compile C for all OSes with only Win7 32bit. S

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Cross-platform crash handler

I'm looking for a cross-platform crash handler. Google Breakpad looks promising, but it is sorely lacking any documentation, and requires a reasonable amount of fiddling to actually get going. What is a better alternative? All I need is the ability to reliably record crash dumps, stack traces, and CPU information at the time of a crash. Alternat

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cross platform sound API

I'm looking into developing an application that will require live streaming of audio. I would prefer to use some cross-platform (windows/linux/BSD) open source library written in C or C even though writing it using the respective OSs' Sound APIs is still an option. I have read a bit about various sound libraries, including SFML, SDL and PortAudi

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