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Converting numeric value to English Text in Crystal Reports

I have an application printing out invoices using Crystal Reports. The application is installed on PCs with different regional setting. Now, if I use Crystal Report's TOWORDS() function, the resulting string are displayed in the language specified by user's PC. As an example, if a Chinese user prints out the invoice, Crystal Report will display t

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Crystal Reports / IIS - Runtime Error

I have an asp.NET 4.0 Web Application which is Hosted on IIS 7.5 (Windows Server 2008 R2). The server has the following packages installed for Crystal Reports: SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio 2010 - Standard SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4 (64-bit) I am using Visual Studio 2010 for Publishing, and should hav

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Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2015 Community

Hi I have a simple question, but I can't find any info about it. I know that Crystal Reports didn't run with VS Express edition but what is with VS 2015 Community version ? it's working or not ? Someone test it ? Solution Yes, you are right, VS Express is not support Crystal report, but VS2015 community addition support CR. Check this links. htt

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How to build multilingual Crystal reports

We are developing a multilingual Winforms application using visual studio 2008. I am trying to figure out how I can create multilingual reports using crystal Reports. Is there any thing similar to .net resource files in the Crystal reports world? Solution I'm sorry that I'm robbing you of your tumbleweed badge, but I don't think Crystal has the

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How To Set Textbox1 Value Into Formula Field Of Cystal Reports

I want to set textbox1 value into formula field of crystal reports and Utilise the same value into crystal reports. Suppose my Textbox1 value is “12000” and I want to set it to formula field and utilize the same into crystal reports. Is it possible?. And yes then How?. Note: textbox1 located on top of CrystalReportviewer1. Solution It is very s

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Publishing Crystal Reports to ColdFusion Pages

I am trying to publish some reports created in Crystal Reports 2008 to the web using ColdFusion. I have read that you just need to use cfreport like this . I have tested this many different ways and all I keep getting is a blank page. Is it possible to do this? If not how do I publish Crystal Reports to the web? Do we need to have Crystal Reports

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Crystal Report redistributable for Windows Server 2008? - An error has occurred while attempting to load the Crystal Reports runtime

First at all, thanks everyone. What do I need to get work crystal report on windows server 2008? Or how can I get work rpt files (loaded by code and flush it to browser) on a website (framework 3.5/4.0) running on a windows server 2008 ? I mean, I load some rpt files (built them on crystal report 2008) and then using crystal object to export t

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how to solve error 1904 in crystal report runtime installation

I'm installing Crystal Reports Runtime 13.0.22 for my application that has to create some reports but while installing CRforVS 13.0.22 it shows the following error: Solution I believe you are trying to install SAP Crystal Reports Runtime SP21 or above in Windows 7. For that you need to install the dependencies: 1- Microsoft Visual C 2015 Redi

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Edit Crystal report file without Crystal Report software

I need to modify a static text (few words) in 3 rpt files. But I dont have Crystal Reports. How can I do it? Is there a free editor or software to be able to modify a simple text of the report? Solution In case anyone else is looking for this... as of April 2013, you can still get the free Visual Studio edition of Crystal Reports from this web s

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